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With more than 30 years of experience, Integra is a business group that offers complete engineering solutions in the industrial field and seeks tailor-made environmental solutions to reduce the polluting gases emitted by companies. It manufactures and sells machinery and industrial installations, provides technical advice and develops complete control including the automation and electrical installation of its systems. In addition, Integra carries out collaborative projects together with other companies at an international level.

Our method

1. Adaptation

We know that each client has their own needs. For this reason, first of all, we adapt to what our clients need and in this way we achieve a specific and accurate approach.

Herramientas de ingeniería
Amoladora eléctrica

2. Preparation

Because each service has many very different characteristics from one another, we meticulously analyzed each aspect of the project to understand all the factors that must be considered.


3. Implementation

We start the required tasks and supervise the progress of the project at all times, paying special attention to the most important parts.

Revisión del plan de la casa

4. Review

Once the service is finished, we carry out a last phase to assure the client that the project has been carried out correctly.

5. Innovation

Finally, we carry out a general evaluation of the project that has already been definitively completed in order to further improve the quality of our services, within a global process of continuous improvement.

Superficie de metal


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