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Complete installations in the ceramic glazes and inks sector


We design complete installations to make bags of different capacities for glazes, engobes and crystalline. These are made up of different raw materials previously ensiled and dosed by weight by means of scales, generally the raw materials are made up of ceramic frits, clays, kaolin and powdery materials.

The frits generally come from the same plant and are loaded by sacks into stainless steel silos with hoists. Clay and kaolin are also loaded into silos by overhead crane or hoists. Powdery raw materials are divided into majority, minority. Most are received in tanker trucks and minority in big bags or sacks. The frits, clays and kaolins, due to their humidity, are normally dosed by means of vibrating trays or dosing tapes and the powdery materials with aeroslides or augers.

The movement and preparation of the bags can be fully automatic, with a pallet dispenser, chain conveyor and big bag fastening elements.

In summary, we carry out projects capable of providing plants with automated facilities for the manufacture of glazes and engobes according to 3 different parts:

- Reception and storage of raw materials.
- Dosage of these raw materials according to a certain formula.
- Transport of the formulated material using an automatic big-bag loading and moving system.

Capture d’écran 2023-04-06 165453.png

Bag dosing plant.

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