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Dosing systems and neumatic transport


The great experience due to the long time working in the manufacture of elements for the ceramic industry and the innovative tendency since the beginning of the company, has made it consolidate in the sector as a company of great distinction in implementing truly innovative processes in the world of the ceramic. These processes arise from a detailed study of the real needs of the clients, trying to contribute and give new ideas to the elements already installed with the great technological advance that exists today and that continues to expand.

We project complete plants from the loading of clays and aggregates from granaries to silos, unloading and automatic dosing of silos by means of weighing belts, transport by means of belts to feeding mills (continuous and discontinuous) and turbodilutors. Spray unloading, screening, silo storage and truck loading.

These plants, due to their size, are generally undertaken with the system known as "turnkey" in which we carry out the entire installation process on our own, including manufacturing, assembly, electrical installation, control panels, computer control, commissioning, etc. So the client should only start manufacturing once finished.

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