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Gas purification installation for SO2 removal

Rotterdam, Netherlands

The chemical industry Arkema Rotterdam, dedicated to the manufacture of odorants, needs a solution for the purification of industrial air in order to comply with SO2 emission limits. SO2 is a pollutant, with a strong odor, it is toxic and irritating to the respiratory system.


The gases from different points of the plant are conducted to the incinerator where the mercaptans are burned at 900ºC. The combustion process generates pollutants such as SO2, which can have a negative impact on people and the environment.


The objective of the gas purification plant is the reduction of the SO2 emission from 10,000 mg/Nm3 to a level below 20 mg/Nm3. The gases coming from the incinerator are treated by three fixed-bed filters with a reagent with catalytic absorbers with a ceramic matrix and an active phase reactive with acid gases and with a special chemical affinity for SO2.

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