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Removal of benzene, 1-3 butadiene and volatile organic compounds

Tarragona, Spain

Work prior to and during the scheduled shutdown TurnAround 2021, at the Dow Chemical Tarragona hydrocarbons unit located in La Pobla de Mafumet. Technical shutdown, ordered and planned, to carry out maintenance tasks and implementation of improvements and projects of sustainability and CO2 reduction in the facilities.


With the work carried out in the different and multiple phases of the shutdown, it was achieved that through the installation of activated carbon filters in operation, their control and continuous monitoring, all carcinogenic, harmful and annoying components such as benzene were completely eliminated. , 1-3 Butadiene and volatile organic compounds, achieving in tanks, reservoirs, transfer pipes, compressors, exchangers, vacuum pumps, treatment units, etc., maintaining levels of zero parts per million of contaminants in them for their subsequent tasks maintenance and commissioning.

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