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Industrial automation of PLCs

We show information on the use of programmable logic controllers to automate electromechanical processes, thus streamlining industrial work.


Static/dynamic weighing systems with PID regulation

We offer how to install a weighing system with PID regulation (Proportional Integral Derivative).


Touch screen applications

In this section we expose what our service is for the development of applications for touch screens, both for computer screens and other devices.



SCADA systems in Windows and Linux environments

We help in the implementation of the SCADA system, which is a supervision, control and data acquisition system, thus helping to speed up the work.


Formulation applications, production records and product traceability in Windows and Linux environments

We offer a service to implement applications that help in formulation tasks, production records and traceability, both on Windows and Linux systems.


Applications web-services for server databases

We show our application service web-services, which make it possible to communicate various industrial processes that could not be connected in any other way.

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