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Our history

The story of Integra dates back more than 30 years.

At the beginning of the 1990s, a group of industrial engineers started a business initiative within the glass and ceramic sector that managed to establish itself and consolidate its services internationally. This group of great industrial engineering professionals, who accumulated extensive experience thanks to their long career in this sector, decided to take a step forward.

This is how in 2010 the brand  officially emerged Integra. Said business group would stand out from then on for its constant diversification of services. Beyond the construction of ceramic machinery, many more services would begin to be offered, such as the design and manufacture of other industrial machinery, the design of dosing systems, the installation of filters, dosing systems orconsulting services, among many others.

More recently, with increasing concern for the environment and awareness on the part of thesociety to aspire to reduce the emission of polluting gases, Integra has specialized in offering solutions to help other companies reduce pollution levels. The main priority of Integra now is to implement a mode of production favorable to sustainable development that protects the environment.



D. Juan Vicente Bono, President of Integra.

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